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West Seattle Whole Health Center is a balanced and intelligent choice for your health care needs.

From Harvard to Nanjing, our MDs to Acupuncturists have the training,compassion, and the time for your individual health needs. Our community of unique, and qualified health care professionals is dedicated to working with you to reach your wellness goals or to help you recover from illness.  We can offer to you an extensive breadth of options including alternative or complimentary health care choices, to more traditional forms of medicine, or anything in between.

We welcome you to explore care options with our practitioners.  We have experience collaborating with each other, but as individual practice owners, you will never find yourself in a big cold space where you are just a number, nor in a "clinic" with just one kind of practioner.  Our 5000sq ft. clinic, peaceful gardens, 17 different providers and our 25 spaces of exclusive off street parking are just a few more perks that make us West Seattle's Premier Health and Wellness Center. We are here for you.